The art of quilt making through time lapse photography


The Quilts


“Moon Prism Power Make Up”

It's the transformative battle cry of the Japanese anime character, Sailor Moon.

And the inspiration for quilt #19. 


A variation on the quilting pattern "Pinwheel Surprise", by Jaded Spade Creations, this quilt (and quilt/lapse production) had me 'break out of the box' and expand on what I thought this quilt (and video) was going to be when I started it on the first day of Spring 2019.

This year's project was a very communal one, all about the birth of a quilt and the quilting community behind it.

It begins with 4 quilt stores around the Olympic Peninsula, WA (and one in NW Oregon) that I have come to know . . . . .  and ends with a very talented, giving, supportive group of quilters I profusely admire, respect and trust (with a special guest).

This video challenged me to think and act much differently than previous productions.  And is shows in the 'third act' (the quilting).  With the help of a little portable generator, I was able to take my quilting . . . well, anywhere!  It's opened the door for all my future story telling and productions. 

"Just the facts, Ma'am"


  • 2,014 pieces of fabric  (5X the amount than a regular quilt because of all the fabric folding, resulting in a very heavy quilt)

  • 6 different colors of glittery Mylar based 'holographic' thread

  • 32 fabric covered buttons

  • 8 months to complete (the longest I've ever worked on a quilt and quilt/lapse video)

  • 39 locatons

  • 17+ hours of recorded time lapse footage

  • Edited down to 12.5 minutes (half the length of my 1st quilt/lapse)

  • 556 individual shots

  • 1st time I use credits at the end (this wasn't a solo project this time around!)

  • This quilt and production was a 'test' . . . for next year's BIG idea!

"SANTA FE DAYDREAMS" quilt by Todd DuBay.  Based on the 'Zia' quilt design by Kathy Tolbert.

     “Santa Fe Daydreams”

This is the 18th quilt under my belt!

This quilt was inspired by a romp around the Southwest in the Spring of 2018 to thaw out from our Northwest winter and to collect fabric along the way. It was also a souvenir/anniversary quilt for my husband Tom and I.  The design was based on Kathy Tolbert's wonderful "Zia Quilt" pattern.  This was my take on her creation with different colors, color placement, and a radically different border (a last minute design change since my original fabric and pattern choice almost made me barf when I put them side by side).


This quilt had a few 'firsts' for me: Foundation piecing, using paper patterns to assist in ultra precision (my new love), a sewing technique on the border (that universally seems to be people's favorite/most memorable part of the quilt) and some of the most extensive, free motion quilting I've ever committed to a quilt!


The Qulitiest Quilt of them ALL!


It took about 2 weeks to cut and piece the the body and border, then I spent about 6 weeks out on our deck quilting amongst the blooming flowers (until the last 5 days, when smoke from Northwest and California wildfires forced me indoors). And then another 2 more weeks to edit this video from 7 and a half hours of time lapse footage down to 17 minutes. Some new time lapse equipment and tricks help things 'swoooooop" right along this time around.


As usual . . . . don't blink! You may miss something

The three pieces of music used in this video are:


"Brejeiro" by Trio Brasileiro

"Penguins" from Cirque du Solei

"Star Guitar" by The Chemical Brothers

"DREAM WEAVER" quilt by Todd DuBay. Made of 150 different fabrics and lots of black velvet.  "Woven Ribbons" pattern by Jinny Beyers Studio.

    “Dream Weaver”

The quilt that started it all!

It was the inspiration and motivation for

"Quilting in the Fast Lane"


This is my fourth quilt completed in 2017.

It's a quilt of many first for me.

1st purchased pattern

1st time using a 'charm pack' of pre-selected fabrics

1st time using A LOT of black velvet

And 1st time producing a time lapse quilt making video


Dream Weaver by the Numbers:


The pattern is “Woven Ribbons” from Jinny Beyer Studios

1,080 pieces

150 different colors of cotton fabric

Black velvet from Mom’s old clothes

 76 days to complete

250+ hours of cutting, piecing, sewing and quilting

Miles of black, invisible and colorful, shiny, metallic thread

I shot 6 hours and 37 minutes of time lapse footage

That breaks down to 32,661 individual photographs

Final edit is 24 minutes

The music is by:


Philip Glass from the movie soundtrack, “Powaqqatsi”

Song list: “New Cities in Ancient Lands, India”

“Serra Pelada”


“New Cities in Ancient Lands"


And, of course . . . “Dream Weaver” by Gary Wright

“Just Watch”

Quilt #20 . . . for 2020

The whole philosophy behind "Quilting in the Fast Lane" is to kick back, relax and . . . . just watch.

So, the name of this year's quilt was an obvious choice.  Alert viewers will notice the design has an uncanny resemblance to last year's quilt, "Moon Prism Power Make Up".  To be honest, that quilt was so much fun to make I had to do it all over again!  But this time there will be a slight variation of the placement of individual pieces and block, and it will be in earthy browns, golds & burnt reds, it'll be a larger, full sized KING . . . . . . and I'm keeping it!

The quilt/lapse production that will accompany this fabric monster aims to be my most ambitious one to date.  This year you'll find me ALL OVER my little town of Port Townsend, Washington . . . . cutting, piecing and quilting on the streets, in the shops, at the parks, the parades, games, festivals and whatever the locations and people offer.  It promises to be a spectacle!

Don't believe me?  Just watch!

“The Complicated Queen”

And just wait till you see what I'm going to do

with this ONE PIECE OF FABRIC!!!

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