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Updated: Jul 19, 2019

Several weeks ago, I found a video by Leah Day of her working on her quilt "I Walk the Line", one in a series of 'Goddess' quilts she creates. I was fascinated by it not only because it's a technique I want to explore . . . but she produced the video with a piece of time lapse of her working. I was thrilled to see her doing this, and let her know about it by leaving her a comment on her YouTube page.

Within minutes, she wrote back!

"SUPER cool! Would you want to be on the Hello My Quilting Friends podcast to share about it?"

WOW! I wasn't expecting that at all. So . . . . then this happened:

The interview begins at the 25:05 mark.

(*No, I wasn't sitting under a sun lamp for a week. Just fighting with incandescent lighting. Signed, The Lobster Boy.)

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