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Are you ready for a very (VERY) brief sneak peek of a couple productions I've been working on this last year? (there's actually a 3rd one, "Spectrum", but no pictures/video to share, yet)

Ask and ye shall receive!

The following trailer is for a little 'something something' I have brewing on the back burner, that I'll be making more noise about in the coming months. But in the meantime, you get to have the first quick peek at "KABOOM!" and "INTO THE WOODS" along with some old friends in this retrospective for 2017 - 2022 . . .

For those who have been following me on YouTube, you may remember many videos had nothing to do with Quilting in the Fast Lane, but rather more personal videos revolving around my life here at home, which we affectionately call Big Eden, after a sweet little movie that reminded us of our lives and community here in Port Townsend, Washington. I've separated all those personal videos and created a channel all unto themselves, "Life at Big Eden". But I'll be honest . . . . A LOT of it is all about the dogs!!

Direct link;

Don't worry . . . . "Quilting in the Fast Lane" is still on YouTube! You'll always be able to find ALL THINGS Quilt/Lapse here;

Direct Link;

And finally, to say that my current quilt "Into the Woods", was influenced by one of my favorite Stephen Sondheim musicals of the same name . . . . would be an understatement. When I had to change plans a couple of years ago from a whole quilt/lapse production being shot downtown, with a cast of thousands, to a solo production shot in the forests of my backyard, the name change of the quilt and accompanying video seemed obvious from the moment I thought of the switch; "Just Watch" became "Into the Woods".

I don't use any of the music from the musical for the current production, but I've often wondered what I could do with it if I chose that path. It seemed fitting, with the recent passing of Stephen Sondheim, that I explore that idea today, with a very brief sneak peek at "Into the Woods", the quilt and quilt/lapse production. This is actually some 'behind the scenes' stuff, shot in my living room against a green screen.

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