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Happy New Year 2023

As 2022 fades into the rearview mirror, so does It's been a wonderful outlet to express my love for quilt making and time lapse photography! But I've found I can reach just as many people (if not more) just by utilizing social media alone (primarily YouTube). So, don't worry. Quilting in the Fast Lane will live on various social media outlets just like it always has. You'll be able to continue to be part of the world of quilt making and time lapse photography on;




And now this BLOG ~

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2023 promised to be a BIG year for Quilting in the Fast Lane! I already have one quilt and quilt/lapse production in the hopper and will be released shortly (Top Secret stuff . . . so I can't really talk about it yet)

I begin a quilt and whole video production today with the launch of "PRISM BREAK"; a collaboration with Jaftex and Studio E Fabrics. This is a very exciting project!! With the promise of lots of gimmicky camera tricks!

And FINALLY . . . . I will be releasing my long-awaited 10th quilt/lapse production; "INTO THE WOODS" later this Summer! (*3 years in the making!)

I hope you'll join me in the coming year for all kinds of new surprises. Some of these production will be moving in some very different directions (with even more craziness planned for the 2nd half of the year . . . . and beyond)!

Tell all your friends!!

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Gilda, my official "Quilt Snuggability Tester" . . . . APPROVES!

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