• Todd DuBay


OH BOY! Just wait till you see what's going to happen next!!

I'm very excited to announce that this next project I'll be working on is a collaborative quilt/lapse production with the VERY TALENTED Chip Conner from "Fiber Hustle - Sewing & Knitting Podcast". Doris and Rock are our inspiration for a head-spinning, split-screen extravaganza!! Chip had SO MANY great ideas about how we should proceed that we both decided it way too grand for ONE simple production. So, we've turned this project into a long-distance quilting challenge . . . featuring THREE quilt/lapse videos in ONE!! Production beings in earnest today.

And while I've been pretty quiet about the last couple of quilts and video productions this last year, I plan to post periodic updates about the progress of this one (three).

This is going to be . . . SO MUCH FUN!!!

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