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I've been keeping a little quiet about this one for a while.

It wasn't suppose to be a big deal.

I wasn't even going to make a quilt/lapse video production out of it.

My sister-in-law Sherry, is my biggest supporter of my quilt making! She has been so generous with her admiration, praise and gifts over the years, always propelling me to move forward to greater heights and broader horizons. So, it only seemed fitting to (finally) make a quilt for her.

It was only going to be a small, simple lap quilt. Something for her to curl up with on the couch and watch TV at night. It was going to be a very swift project for me this Winter while I prepared for my next big quilt and quilt/lapse production later on this Spring & Summer. I've been wanting to try a quilting process/technique called "One Block Wonder", where you take just ONE PIECE of fabric, cut it into strips, cut those strips into triangles and arrange those triangles into hexagons. Then the whole process is wide open for individual interpretation as to how the blocks will be laid out for an expressive design. It's highly customizable and everyone will have a different quilt from the same one piece of fabric. This is the fabric I chose; a gorgeous print displaying the colorful beauty of "Día de los Muertos".

It didn't take long for my involvement to balloon this project into something more complex and time consuming . . . and jumping from a lap quilt to a much larger queen sized quilt. Hence, the name . . .

And in the end . . . I DID make a quilt/lapse production!

Buckle up!! This one is FAST & THUMPIN' 5 minutes!!!

(*and dig that wild Corona Hair)

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