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JUST . . . WAIT!

Updated: May 4, 2020

A re-imagining

"JUST WATCH". It's the whole philosophy behind "Quilting in the Fast Lane". I'm not selling anything. I'm not really even teaching anything. Someone recently called it "music videos for quilters". I like that. Because I'm really only inviting you to this experience to . . . . just watch.

So, it all seemed so appropriate that this year's big quilt and big quilt/lapse production was going to be called; "JUST WATCH". A year of collecting fabric and planning with various city leaders, law enforcement, various merchants, and many people from my own little community, this year's BIG quilt/lapse production was going to be my 'love letter' to Port Townsend, WA. The plan was to shoot ALL OVER town, throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall, using PT as my backdrop. I wanted to involve hundreds, if not thousands of people in town, parks, beaches, farmer's markets, parades, the many festivals, outdoor events, etc. Everywhere people gather in large numbers . . . because that was going to create GREAT background time lapse motion!!! But I'm sure you can see where I'm going with this . . . .

The world-wide Corona virus pandemic of 2020 has changed everyone's plans, including everything I was preparing for "JUST WATCH". So, that's just going to have to be another quilt and another production for another time. Perhaps next year.

But in the meantime, I'm still BUSTING to make this quilt!!! I love this technique, I love these colors, I love the fabric that's been collected and waiting . . . . . . and I LOVE THIS QUILT! So, I'm moving ahead with my plans on completing it this year, along with a new name and a new idea for a quilt/lapse production. It came to me this morning while I was having coffee in my backyard . . .

You've seen it in a few of my last productions . . . . .

Inspiration hit and the ball started rollin'! Since I couldn't really expect to rely on my plans for shooting downtown this year, the only logical conclusion was . . .

Judging from webcam footage from years past, it appears there's always something fun and exciting happening back there . . .

(*when I used to have a webcam up and running, I would create these 'graphic overlays' to place on top of the live feed)

But I digress.

I'll use this year's production to cut my teeth on some new cameras & time lapse equipment. There's going to be some fun and exciting new motion to play around with. I'm (quietly) working on a quilt and video I'll be releasing shortly. I plan on turning the camera in on the production and equipment to present it as a 'behind-the-scenes' type of story. This brief clip will give you a tiny idea of what's to come. For the geeks out there (like me), this moment is using 5 different pieces of equipment to get this one shot;

Things change. That's what I've found about these quilts and these quilt/lapse productions. They're always evolving into something different than what I started with. Particularly last year's project, "MOON PRISM POWER MAKE UP"!

2020 will be about leaving the studio once again.

2020 will be about venturing off the deck.

2020 will be about exploring the backyard.

But most of all,

2020 will be about going . . .


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