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It was fun while it lasted.

It was a fun, creative and stimulating year with Chip. We talked every Saturday morning for months and months. But in the end, it was all just too overwhelming for him, and he had to call it quits. I applaud him for being brave enough (foolhardy?) to take on such an ambitious project, especially for not having ever participated in a time lapse adventure of making a quilt. It's not for everyone! I wish him well on all his future endeavors. As for the quilt I created for the first challenge and all the footage I shot for that segment, not all is lost. It will return and make it's appearance in a different way . . . . . and yet, kind of the same. Is that even possible?

You'll find out in a bit.


I've been talking my head off . . . . . again!

If you have the time (30 minutes) and are interested, you can listen to all that yammering, on;

"The Curious Creatrix Podcast"

wherever you digest this kind of audio media.

You can find host Haden Starbuck and I on her show here at this link:

Or listen directly to our conversation here:

It's the same ol' story . . . . . just a different venue!

(and obviously recorded before recent events with Chip)


"Into the Woods" continues it's YEARS LONG journey as we wind up these Summer months out in the forests and lake around the backyard. I'm beyond happy to announce that the 'piecing sequence' is in the can as of this morning, when I recorded my LAST SHOT for this part of the production. And 10 days ahead of schedule! (that's a big deal for me!!). AND . . . . I'm just too excited to keep it to myself. So, my dear fellow Fast Laners, you get the very first sneak peek of this shot. It took me a couple days of recording and waiting for the 'perfect clouds', but I eventually nailed it!

And if you're keeping score, here's where we are in the production;

The border sequence begins tomorrow! And it goes something like this . . . .

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