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RED, ready . . . AMBER, set . . . GREEN, let's go!

Challenge #1 with Chip from Seattle is finished!

There are many parts of quilt making that I love; the hunt for the fabric, the smell of singed cotton as you iron, that first cut, the free motion quilting. But there are few things as gratifying in life as that last stitch on a finished quilt, when the hundreds/thousands of pieces come together as ONE! This quilt (named after some song lyrics by the 80's Rockabilly group, "The Polecats") was such a blast to make. This is my 2nd One Block Wonder quilt . . . . and probably not my last.

I often find that the back of a freshly completely quilt top can be just as beautiful and exciting as the front.

Quilted with a 'Super Spiral', starting in the center.

Boo models his new do for the Summer.


In the end, the whole quilt folds up into a little 'pocket' on the back, and ultimately becomes a pillow for the living room sofa.

A "Quillow".

You'll have to wait for the quilt/lapse production for this one, though. It's just the first chapter of the 3-part challenge I'm working on with Chip from Seattle. The footage so far has been terrific! I promise, this production will be worth the wait!!

And now . . . "Challenge #2 - SPECTRUM"

I'm really looking forward to beginning this one!! Back to my usual color pallet (all of 'em), and trying out a new (to me) technique involving raw edge applique'. It will provide me with lots of improvisation and 'playtime' with placement of colors and color flow . . . just like the One Block Wonder. But this will have to be my "rainy day project", when I'm stuck inside the house and can't get outside to finish the monster quilt I began last year . . . . . .

Because, now it's time to go back "INTO THE WOODS"!

I've had to put this one away for the Fall and Winter months. But Spring has finally arrived here in the Great Northwest and the sun is shining again. Hooray! There's A LOT of work to do to finish both this quilt and this ambitious production. There's some REALLY BIG plans coming up this Summer (particularly for my last act, where I take this production on the road and shoot all over this great state of Washington). And I plan to take you along for the ride . . . every step of the way!

Here we go!

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