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Here we go . . .

Chip and I have begun work on our collaborative quilt/lapse production:


When we first met, it was soon apparent that Chip and I were on the same wavelength.

We had been aware of each other's online presence, but finally reached out to each other to introduce ourselves when, by pure serendipity, I saw myself in one of Fiber Hustle's videos. We clicked right away! But one of things that stood out for me in our first email exchange was that he was interested in collaborating on some quilt/lapse production together. I was immediately ALL IN on this, as I had been interested in joining creative forces with someone who'd be ambitious enough to want to tackle a labor-intensive project like these quilt/lapse videos. And when we started brainstorming about what we could do . . . .

. . . it became instantly clear that both of us had WAY TOO MANY really good ideas to choose from (Chip went in directions that had never even occurred to me . . . which is the very best thing about collaboration).

What we've decided to do was take a very ambitious idea of taking on a project together and amplify the complexities of this undertaking . . . . by creating it long-distance from each other (me in Port Townsend, Chip in Seattle). Not difficult enough, you say? Then . . .


As I mentioned, we had A LOT of good ideas! And we couldn't settle on one. So, we took our best/favorite 3 and decided to produce 3 mini-challenges and bundle them up into one dizzying, head-spinning, split-screen extravaganza! And ambitious IT IS!! This may take us a while. But we're off to a rollicking start . . .

The idea to challenge each other is simple. Create a set of parameters (style, fabric, color, etc.), and challenge each other to create something from them. Our 3 challenges are:


Self explanatory, really . . . we're making pillows


Creating a quilt from the whole color spectrum



This challenge surprised us both! The idea was to challenge each other by creating a quilt based on artists that we admire. A tribute quilt. When the idea came up, we both were very excited because we both have wanted to do this for some time . . . and each of us had an illustration that we wanted to 'tribute'. We both chose different artists that we respect and admire . . . but were completely floored when we realized we chose the same subject!

Like I said . . . Chip & I are on the same wavelength.

There's going to be some REALLY FUN STUFF coming up in 2021!!! And I'm going to share it with you all along the way (without giving away the farm). Today I begin the first few shots of Challenge #1 . . . PILLOW TALK. Chip has a REALLY AWESOME idea for his pillow(s)!! And I wanted to try something a little different. Completed the design and prototype yesterday. Another One Block Wonder (like "The Complicated Queen"):

Heeeeeeey . . . . that's not a pillow!

Or is it?

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