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It's been a long, hot Summer. I wish I could say that I've been rolling ahead like gangbusters with the current quilt, "Into the Woods", but the truth is, I've been up on the dang roof all Summer long . . . cleaning the moss off and emptying the gutters. It's a L-O-N-G project, and it always takes weeks longer than I'm ever expecting. But it's finally done!

"Into the Woods", the current quilt/lapse production, is in full swing out in the forest(s) that surround our house and the lake we live on. And it's going even better than I expected!!

This is going to be gorgeous production. Much different than previous outings. Slower, quieter, more serene. But since I usually start these productions on the first day of Spring, and I've spent most of the season, so far, cleaning the roof and gutters . . . I'm 4 months behind on starting this. So, as a result, because of my late start and this whole production being so dependent on the weather, we may not be seeing the completion of this venture until next year sometime. My enthusiasm for shooting in the woods has been gaining momentum with each completed shot, and as usual, . . . is becoming more complicated and elaborate with each passing day.

All my productions feature a 'cameo' of the quilt I made in the production before it. I missed placing "Moon Prism Power Make Up" in my "Complicated Queen" quilt/lapse video . . . so BOTH quilts make an appearance in my opening title sequence this time around.

This shot will feature a small card showing what this current quilt will look like. If you remember, all my productions begin with, "THIS . . . is my next quilt".

So, with all my 'beauty shots' completed and under my belt for the title sequence, the actual shooting of the quilt construction officially begins. My first shots will begin here; at a giant 'birds nest' in the woods. No one seems to know when, why, or who built this nest, but it's been there ever since we moved here 15 years ago. When I was thinking about my opening shots, and the whole idea about the 'birth of a quilt' . . . . I just knew that this was going to be the location I was going to use. It's all high concept here, folks!

I just KNOW you're gonna dig this . . . .

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INTO THE WOODS begins production.

Time to put all these lush, glorious fabrics into the quilt that they've been acquired for.

It's the first day of Summer, the gray, cloudy Spring weather has given way to perfect shooting days . . . . and the ironing, marking, cutting and time lapse recording has begun!

The first block (a prototype, really) has been completed . . . and I couldn't be more excited at the fabric and color choices. THIS is the quilt I've been waiting to make for myself!!! 14 different prints and 144 separate pieces of fabric comprise this block. I love that it has a primary and secondary design.

If it looks familiar, it is. It's a slight variation of fabric placement and a complete color overhaul from last year's quilt, "Moon Prism Power Make Up". This visual should help to make the connection (with Boo's help, of course).

There's A LOT to accomplish in the coming months. More pieces, larger quilt, later start (than usual), and plans for a spectacular ending that will be worth the wait. I promise!

Let's go . . .


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I've been keeping a little quiet about this one for a while.

It wasn't suppose to be a big deal.

I wasn't even going to make a quilt/lapse video production out of it.

My sister-in-law Sherry, is my biggest supporter of my quilt making! She has been so generous with her admiration, praise and gifts over the years, always propelling me to move forward to greater heights and broader horizons. So, it only seemed fitting to (finally) make a quilt for her.

It was only going to be a small, simple lap quilt. Something for her to curl up with on the couch and watch TV at night. It was going to be a very swift project for me this Winter while I prepared for my next big quilt and quilt/lapse production later on this Spring & Summer. I've been wanting to try a quilting process/technique called "One Block Wonder", where you take just ONE PIECE of fabric, cut it into strips, cut those strips into triangles and arrange those triangles into hexagons. Then the whole process is wide open for individual interpretation as to how the blocks will be laid out for an expressive design. It's highly customizable and everyone will have a different quilt from the same one piece of fabric. This is the fabric I chose; a gorgeous print displaying the colorful beauty of "Día de los Muertos".

It didn't take long for my involvement to balloon this project into something more complex and time consuming . . . and jumping from a lap quilt to a much larger queen sized quilt. Hence, the name . . .

And in the end . . . I DID make a quilt/lapse production!

Buckle up!! This one is FAST & THUMPIN' 5 minutes!!!

(*and dig that wild Corona Hair)

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