The art of quilt making through time lapse photography


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The final hours of the week-long Rhododendron Festival here in Port Townsend traditionally ends with the much anticipated 12K Rhody Run . . . . which travels right past our driveway. I couldn't think of a better christening of the new portable power generator that will run my sewing machine (forever to be known from now on as the 'Barbie Dream Generator') than recording the very first remote shot with the hundreds of runners who came out on this gorgeous day! Can anyone say "Flying Colors"? Just wait till you see what I'm going to do with this lil' thang!!

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Playing around with some new camera angles with the Wednesday quilting group . . .

. . . . and well, there were some misunderstandings.

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Several weeks ago, I found a video by Leah Day of her working on her quilt "I Walk the Line", one in a series of 'Goddess' quilts she creates. I was fascinated by it not only because it's a technique I want to explore . . . but she produced the video with a piece of time lapse of her working. I was thrilled to see her doing this, and let her know about it by leaving her a comment on her YouTube page.

Within minutes, she wrote back!

"SUPER cool! Would you want to be on the Hello My Quilting Friends podcast to share about it?"

WOW! I wasn't expecting that at all. So . . . . then this happened:

The interview begins at the 25:05 mark.

(*No, I wasn't sitting under a sun lamp for a week. Just fighting with incandescent lighting. Signed, The Lobster Boy.)

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