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Who is this guy anyway?

Todd DuBay with a painting of Todd DuBay by Peter Goll

Painting by Peter Goll

Hello, I'm Todd DuBay.

I'm a

I live in the Great Pacific Northwest outside the small community of Port Townsend, Washington.  I'm fortunate enough to be surrounded here by many other talented artists. Among the most inspirational for me are the quilters.


I began quilting back in 1980, right after a high school home economics class introduced me to the sewing machine and the parameters of a good fabric puzzle. Having also excelled in geometry, I took to quilting quite naturally as an artistic expression. I was able to create around a dozen or so quilts throughout the 80's and into the early 90's. But as it sometimes is the case, life got in the way with other adventures and demands and I stopped quilting for 25 years.


I  explored many different artistic outlets after quilting. I worked in television production, excelled in video editing, learned to become an animator, became a Photoshop master, put my color theory training to test as a color consultant for a Northwest paint company, transitioned into a graphic artist, and continued my life-long love for time lapse photography that's been with me ever since I made my first animated film at 14.


In 2017, during a cold, dark winter day in Port Townsend, I half-heartedly picked up some fabric from a woefully neglected pile stored away in my studio. I sat down at my new sewing machine (a gift),  that had been sitting there for months, and found myself suddenly inspired.  A spark in me had been lit once more. I realized that my sewing/quilting skills had never disappeared, and returned with a vengeance!  I was able to pump out four very beautiful and substantial quilts during the remainder of that year.


But it was a baby quilt that left me a bit frustrated with something I hadn't been planning or thinking about. I wanted to present it to my niece and her new baby with some documentation of how the whole quilt came together. But in the end, I felt I didn't document the process enough.  I had just learned a new quilting technique (Trapunto) and didn't think the few pictures I took really conveyed the way it all happened.  I was just about to start the next baby quilt for another niece, when a friend asked me "Have you ever thought of combining your love for quilt making with your passion for time lapse photography?"




I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before. It seemed like a natural extension for me.  So, I took the idea . . . and RAN WITH IT!  The end result was constructing the quilt, "Dream Weaver",  while at the same time, creating a time lapse project along with it. I set up three cameras to capture that session’s progress.  And when I was done sewing I’d move over to my computer and edit the day’s worth of footage at night.  Essentially, each project grew at the same rate. It was a BLAST!  I had SO MUCH FUN doing this!!!


So, I’ve decided that I’m going to do this with each and every quilt I make from now on .

And thus, "Quilting in the Fast Lane" was born. 

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